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DUI Attorneys in Las Vegas          

What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Las Vegas, especially if it's a DUI charge.  While no one comes to Las Vegas expecting to get arrested for DUI, it happens everyday and night.  If you happen to have it happen to you, call an experienced Las Vegas DUI lawyer to fight for your rights.  Don't try to represent yourself or talk your way out of it on the side of the road, let a lawyer speak for you.


Most people will enjoy a few if not more adult beverages while visiting Las Vegas, just don't get in your car or a rental car if you have been drinking.  We know cabs aren't cheap, but they are far less expensive than the results of a DUI.  There are plenty of other ways to get around Vegas that doesn't involve driving drunk.  Use the tram which runs up and down the Las Vegas strip and runs behind the big casinos on both sides of the strip, a favorite of drunks for years. 


Walking the strip while buzzed is also a favorite way for drunks to travel while visiting Las Vegas.  Stay downtown and you won't have to drink and drive and risk a DUI while in Vegas, just stumble up and down Fremont street gazing at the lights in a drunken stupor.  Call a cab and get taken on a ride by a local cabbie, it won't cost you nearly what a DUI would.  To learn more about DUI attorneys, you can visit


Drinking and driving in Las Vegas is not a joking matter, police and local deputies, patrol the strip in cars both marked and unmarked.  Local law enforcement also utilizes bicycle cops who ride in between lanes of traffic on the strip looking for people drinking in cars.  Be careful not to have an open container in the car, it is not okay for passengers to drink while you are driving.  Don't do stupid stuff in Las Vegas that you wouldn't do at home, Vegas is not lenient on drunk drivers. Don't smoke weed in Las Vegas, you will be busted for DUI, call an experienced Milicevic & Associates if that happens to you. 


Just because you are in Las Vegas doesn't mean that that same laws don't apply that apply in your hometown.  Drinking and driving is a serious offense, and if you are involved with a DUI case in Las Vegas, hire the best DUI lawyer who you can afford. It will make a difference for the rest of your life.  Your future could be affected by the choice of lawyers in a DUI case, choose carefully.